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Achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in your life with Holistic Movement

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Keeping your body strong, mobile and fit are foundational building blocks for achieving optimal health and wellbeing. It not only provides good physical health, but it also supports the mental and emotional aspects of your being. 



Proper nutrition is the basis for optimum health and wellbeing. My approach is to help you develop a healthy balanced lifestyle taking into account all aspects of  your life including gut health, stress, hormonal imbalance and mindset.


Holistic Programs

The Holistic Programs offer a combination of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness to suit you current needs, challenges and goals you wish to achieve in the long run. They offer ways in which you can integrate all the different aspects that make a healthy lifestyle possible and sustainable.

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Online Programs

The online programs offer a range of fitness training plans, nutrition plans and nourishing recipes to suit your current needs. The online programs are a great option if you like to do and absorb things on your own pace as well as keep lifelong access to the tools.

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About Holistic Movement

Holistic Movement is a fusion of fitness, nutrition and holistic programs with the aim to support you achieve optimal health by gaining balance in different areas of your life. Our main goal is to guide you back to health through working on your strength, balance, eating habits and mindset. We aim to meet you where you are, and work closely and realistically to help you achieve your goals and create a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.


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Renata is an absolutely incredible therapist. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! She has the gift to make you feel so welcome, seen and heard the moment you meet her. She creates an incredibly safe space for you to drop in, go deep, and fully surrender to the process. I have had incredible insights and experienced a deep transformation during our sessions.

Sophie Saemrow


“Renata is a gifted teacher and I like very much the way she tunes in to an individual's response and honour that, whilst giving back what might be a good offering for them as well. I can see that Renata has studied the dharma extensively and it is fab to be the recipient of this specialised knowledge. I love the space and authenticity in her teachings as well as inclusion of relevance to trauma and the unconscious as related to processing deep feelings. I also really enjoyed the class on The Inner Critic! It seems to me that she lives what she teaches. It is so wonderful to experience that. “

Deborah Bonam

“TRE was such a unique experience from which I am sure I will continue to benefit as I practice regularly. I certainly feel the best I have for quite a while and am so grateful for the way Renata led this simple but profound technique.”


I had wanted to wait 24 hours to contact you to let the experience sink in and monitor how I felt. It was a very strange experience yesterday and in some ways a little frightening for me ... not being sure when the twitching/trembling would stop and whether I had to ‘ride it out’ till it settled naturally or whether to get up and ‘run’ :- ) At the same time I had a liberating feeling of reconnecting with an ‘animal’ behaviour and felt very connected to being sentient and temporary and ‘of this earth’ ... Thankyou Today my body has still felt ‘different’. I felt very light on leaving yesterday. Although much of that ‘lightness’ has gone, my pelvis feels more ‘open’.


“I felt so grateful for the TRE practice yesterday. I feel I take something new and fresh away into my sitting practice from it. Renata is a very good teacher, enriched I feel, by her commitment to her own personal work.“


I've been training with Renata for 6 Months and I finish every session feeling energised, strong and looking forward to the next session. Which is great because I have very low tolerance for doing things that aren't fun. Renata is reliable, flexible and kind. She is very aware of form and I find training with her can be quite meditative, while still being challenging. I never feel like she is compromises form for "achievement" and she takes into account how my body reacts to each training session. As a bonus, I have become noticeably stronger, fitter, and more confident in my abilities in a relatively pain free fashion.

Mona Kristevic

Renata takes a balanced approach in exercise and nutrition and has trained me to lose the bad habits over the last 5 years. She is a knowledgeable and a passionate trainer. I am always impressed by how thorough she is and the effort she puts in. Her efforts are not just limited to the time we spend training, but also to check in and is full of advice and helpful tips. She keeps detailed tracks of my progress and is always willing to help. She really listens to what I want and goes above and beyond with helping me achieve my goals. I've received great results!!

Joao Ulian

Director at Matiz Shades

Renata is a true Professional and knows her stuff. She understands your needs and limits and adjusts her training to suit her knowledge of body movment and nutrition makes her a well rounded and great PT. I’m really happy with my training and I know as I improve she will challenge me and help me reach my goals! I feel amazing and energized I would recommend Renata to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle and reach what ever goal they want.

Mark Saul


Training with Renata has been one of the best decision I've made! Initially, I just wanted to increase my fitness for playing competitive soccer but not only has she helped increase my fitness, but she has helped me increase my confidence which has reaped results. She's dedicated to you as a client, enthusiastic about each session and has a high professional ethic. I thoroughly enjoy each session and the challenges she gives because even when I think I can't do it, she pushes you just enough to get the most out of it! Her combined wealth of fitness and nutrition knowledge is an asset that makes her an exceptionally knowledgeable trainer.

Dorothy Poon

Assistant House Manager at Cerebral Palsy Alliance

I have been training with Renata since the start of the year. I am very happy with the service and professional way in which she conducts her business. Renata is very positive and encouraging. She is also very knowledgeable when it come to nutrition and menu plans to suit personal situations. I am very impressed with Renata and look forward to training with her for a long time to come.

Tara Townsend

I have been fitness training with Renata for 3 to 4 months and been under a nutrition plan specifically designed for me. I have had brilliant results losing 5% body fat and gained not only a world of knowledge for better eating but fitness as well. I have heaps of energy and thrilled with my new confidence.

Daniela Wareham

I have been training with Renata for almost 5 months now, and believe she is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I’m so proud and really enjoyed the variety & challenge she put into the sessions. I’ve lost almost 10 kilos in first two months. That was a big surprise for me. She is focused on helping me achieve my goals, making every session challenging. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights and generally push myself harder throughout each session. I always look forward to my workouts. Renata ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. She is extremely reliable and punctual. Always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. I thoroughly enjoy working out in the outdoor environment, and would recommend Renata to anyone looking to improve his/her fitness & nutrition. Thanks so much for everything Renata. You’re simply the best.

Fred Benicio

Director at FGF Cleaning Services