Sydney, NSW, Australia

Wellness by YogiShed!

YōgiShed is a Studio specialised in Ancient Yōga and Well-Being. It has started with three friends with something in common: their passion for Yōga and well-being.

​Combining over 15 years of history with Yōga and the desire to share this philosophy with the greatest amount of people in Sydney Northern Beaches, YōgiShed will open its doors in the heart of Collaroy Beach from December 2017.

​We welcome all Yōgis: people from all ages, newbies or veterans that wish to learn more about themselves through this ancient practice that promotes wellness and personal development.

​The YōgiShed Studio is a place of learning where you will get to know more about yourself, improve your quality of life and connect with like-minded people.

YogiShed is located on First Level, Pittwater Rd, Collaroy, NSW.

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