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Swasthya Yoga

Swasthya is a very complete Yoga style that can enhance your quality of life by increasing energy levels, developing mindfulness and body conscience, promoting stress relief and emotional intelligence. The method is strong and dynamic: a fusion of powerful techniques  – including physical, breathing and meditation practices – inspired by ancient traditions. Who should practice Swasthya Yoga? The method is for everyone, from beginners to advanced Yogis. With over 2000 techniques to choose from, you can be certain to experience a different class every time.

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Swasthya Yoga
pre-natal yoga


Pre-Natal Yoga will increase energy levels with a class that will allow future mums to move consciously  in poses that will relief any aches and pains as well as tonify and stretch muscles. The class also targets poses that will increase pelvic flexibility and strengthening of the pelvic floor for child birth. Furthermore, the breathing techniques will provide more breathing and emotional control, reducing anxiety feelings. Overall, the mums will feel energised, peaceful and happy, connected with themselves and their babies, with a better knowledge of their bodies and emotions, more prepared for the birth and with a positive mindset for the months to come and the delivery of their beautiful babies. When can mums-to-be sign in? From 12 weeks of pregnancy.