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Wellness Program

What is the Wellness Program

The 8-Week Wellness Program is one of my signature programs. We work closely and realistically to achieve your health and lifestyle goals by incorporating personalised nutrition coaching, meal plan with access to over 200 omnivore and vegetarian recipes and optional personalised fitness training plan that you can do on your own either at home or at the gym.

This program is perfect for you if you wish to make real changes in your lifestyle by improving your nutrition habits in a sustainable and embodied way. I not only give you personalised plan to follow, but I also work closely with you with the ‘barriers’ that may be blocking the changes you want to make.

What you Get

Personalised Nutrition and Coaching

One on one nutrition coaching to help you set your health goals and support you through your journey. It includes:

  • Initial assessment to discuss your current state of health, eating and lifestyle habits, health history and current goals.
  • Two Reassessments (one every four weeks)
  • Over 200 recipes (omnivore and vegetarian) — Main meals and snacks

Personalised Fitness Plan (optional)

We do an initial assessment in which we discuss your goals, injuries history and the length of  time you have available for training. I will then draw you a plan based on what is the best fit for you in this moment.

The plan is delivered through MyPTHub, which is an app that enables me to write you a personalised fitness and nutrition plan as well as to keep track of your progress. You also have the option to link to your own FitBid or Fitness Pal account.


  • 8-Week Wellness Program – $380
  • 8-Week Wellness Program + Fitness plan – $490
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