Narrabeen, NSW 2101, Australia


Proper nutrition is the basis for optimum health and wellbeing. My approach is to help you develop a healthy balanced lifestyle taking into account all aspects of  your life including gut health, stress, hormonal imbalance and mindset.

Because everyone is different in so many ways, from existing medical conditions and symptoms to current lifestyle choices, age and much more, I focus on meeting your needs respecting where you are at in this moment of your life and making long last changes in a realistic way.

I also believe that food is part of our ritual as human beings and its one of the main ways we use to connect to one another – at parties, restaurants or coffee shops. Therefore I truly believe that the ‘middle way’ is the best way. Finding a way to regain your power and take charge of your life in a way in which you can keep a balanced and guilt free life is the way to go!