Narrabeen, NSW 2101, Australia


Mindfulness is an incredible tool to help us understand, tolerate, and deal with our mind states and emotions in healthy ways. It helps us to become aware of our habitual thought patterns and reactivity towards ourselves, people and situations around us. It helps us to create more space and learn to respond to life other than react. 

Any lifestyle change begins with a mindset change. Our behaviours are driven by unconscious forces that, when not brought to consciousness, continue to run our lives, becoming really hard to make the sustainable changes we want to make.

Through Mindfulness, you are able to recognise the behaviours patterns that make you stuck in habits that hinder your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Mindfulness is an integral part in all the holistic packages that I offer. And if you feel you would like an extra push so you can gain depth into the practice, I also offer one on one coaching.

There are a few ways we can work together:

One on One Coaching

I offer one on one Mindfulness coaching that run for four 1 hour sessions. Each session will explore one of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness in depth.


The cost for the full program is $600.

Living Mindfully: 8-Week Mindfulness and Meditation Course – Oct 11th

This course is an opportunity for you to gain understanding of the foundations of mindfulness and how to integrate this powerful tool in your daily life. You will learn tools for developing compassion towards yourself and others, gain skills that will help you engage with difficult feelings and situations and develop a kinder and wiser relationship with yourself and the world around you.