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Holistic Fitness

What is the Holistic Fitness Program

The 8-Week Holistic Fitness Program is a great way to optimise your Fitness and Nutrition in one go. This program is a perfect fit if you wish to follow a personalised training plan along with a 8-week meal plan, including omnivore and vegetarian options plus access to over 200 healthy recipes o choose from.

The fitness plan offers you detailed training plan that you can do it on your own at a gym or at home. This gives you freedom to chose the right place, time and intensity of session for the day without losing track of performance. We do an online initial assessment in which we discuss your goals, injuries history and the length of  time you have available for training. I will then draw you a pan based on what is the best fit for you in this moment.

The plan is delivered through MyPTHub, which is an app that enables me to write you a personalised fitness and nutrition plan as well as to keep track of your progress. You also have the option to link to your own FitBid or Fitness Pal account.

What you Get

Personalised Training Plan

The plan will be designed according to your goals, equipments available and desired time length of training. The sessions can include:

  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Conditioning
  • Boxing

You will also have access to a 8-week meal plan plus over 200 healthy and delicious omnivore and vegetarian recipes for main meals, snacks, pre and post workouts.


  • Entire Program – $210
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