Sydney, NSW, Australia

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

Release Deep Tension Holding You Back Physically, Emotionally and Mentally

TRE is an innovative series of exercises that assist your body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. TRE exercises safely activate a natural vibrating reflex mechanism that releases muscular tension, helping to bring your nervous system back to a calm, centred state.

When you carry tension and trauma, your mind becomes stuck in defensive strategies, making you tight and contracted prepared for fight-or-flight, freezing the body. TRE is a safe and easy way to release and stress held in your body.

Your Treatment

Every treatment is highly personalised, dedicated to helping you to release the tension, stress and trauma that you are holding in your system.

Your sessions begin with a consultation and check-up to ensure that I can integrate this knowledge into your tailored treatment. You are then led, step by step through the series of movements and stretches that have been designed to gradually tire the psoas muscle and evoke the natural shaking mechanism in your body which begins the deep release and discharge process.

 At the end of each session, we share your experience, physical, emotional and mental and develop the necessary solutions and on-going TRE program to support you on your journey.

The Benefits

TRE provides an empowering resource to release tension, stress and trauma that is held in your body, on a regular basis. It is also a powerful tool for reconnecting with your body in ways that make you feel more present and alive. TRE helps you to create:

·       Deeper relaxation

·       Improved sleep

·       Reduced pain

·       Greater resilience

·       Reduced occupational stress

·       Improved core stability

·       Increased energy and vitality

·       Stronger mindfulness

·       Faster sports recovery

·       Empowered relationships


Rooms in both Newport and Crows Nest, NSW.


Initial: $120 for 90-minute session

Follow ups: $100 for 60-minute session


Fees can be paid by cash or direct debit.


A minimum of 24-hour’s notice is required for cancellations, otherwise the full session fee is charged.

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