Sydney, NSW, Australia

Body-Centred Therapy

Restore Wellbeing by Transforming Deeply Held Patterns of Conditioning and Limiting Core Beliefs.

The aim of Body-Centred Therapy is to work through and transform deeply held patterns of conditioning and limiting beliefs so you can find ease, restore wellbeing and live a more free and authentic life.

Our behaviours are the result of our deeply held, core beliefs that are a result of family background, childhood, traumas and life events. If you are feeling physically, emotionally or mentally unbalanced, it can often be the result of holding of negative thoughts and patterns, not yet brought to your conscious mind.

Your Treatment

Your Body-Centred Therapy treatment is based on the Hakomi Principles and techniques. Hakomi is a mindfulness-centred, body oriented method of psychotherapy that work directly with your unconscious patterns, leading to rapid change and enabling you to create more balance, ease and emotional wellbeing.

The Benefits

Some of the benefits of Hakomi include:

·       It supports your body and mind integration, allowing you to build your natural, inner ability to self-healing and wholeness that is inherent in every being.

·       It supports nervous system and emotional regulation.

·       Powerful but gentle transformation of your core material.

·       A growth in your self-awareness and understanding of your deeply held tensions.

·       Bringing to consciousness limiting implicit memory which often results in psychosomatic responses such as diseases, tension, stress, poor posture and alignment.

Every treatment and session is highly personalised, dedicated to helping to support you to find the healing in you.


Rooms in both Newport and Crows Nest, NSW.


$140 for 60-minute session


Fees can be paid by cash or direct debit.


A minimum of 24-hour’s notice is required for cancellations, otherwise the full session fee is charged.

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