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Body-Centred Therapy

Our body, mind and behaviours are a reflex of our deep core beliefs. These are expressed in form of feelings, emotions and patterns of posture and tension in every given moment. Core beliefs are a result of family background, childhood, traumas and life events. An unbalanced body and negative behaviours, are a result of repetitive holding of thoughts and patterns not yet brought to our conscious mind. The aim of Body-centred therapy is to work through and transform deep patterns of conditioning and core beliefs that no longer serve you so you can reconnect to who you truly are and live a more free and authentic life.

Body-Centred Therapy

The Body-centred Therapy I use is mostly based on the Hakomi principles and techniques. Hakomi is an experiential body-centred therapy that helps to change and transform ‘core material’ in a gentle but powerful way. The method uses Mindfulness as its basis and focuses on the present moment, felt experience of the client. It also works with supporting body and mind integration, allowing for the organicity and natural drive towards healing and wholeness that is inherent in every being.

I also use Psychosomatics as a foundational tool for understanding the deep help patterns of tension and unbalanced posture that are also an indicator of core beliefs carried by the client. These ongoing patterns cause an impact on the formation of the whole body-mind through cellular memory which results in physical responses such as diseases, tension, stress, poor posture and alignment.

Body-centred Therapy, therefore, works on the basis that many of the problems we experience in our lives are caused by unconscious patterns that are constantly running the show with our our conscious awareness. Often times those patterns feel so deeply ingrained, that leave us feeling helpless and unable to change. Both Hakomi and Psychosomatics works directly with those very deep unconscious patters, leading to very rapid change and transformation, enabling long lasting freedom and wholeness.


The sessions lasts for about 60 minutes and the cost is $120, payable at the time of the session.


Fees can be paid by cash or direct debit.


A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations, otherwise the full session fee is charged.

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