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Mindful Eating: A path to Self Discovery and Freedom

Want to discover a new way feel more relaxed & in charge of your eating habits & relationship with food?

Mindful Eating might be the way for you. When you eat mindfully, you learn how to build your own skills, your own awareness,  and find your own way to nourish & take care of yourself with healthy food choices.

Mindful Eating has it’s roots on Mindfulness practice which leads to a deep understanding about yourself and recognition of your feelings without falling into self-criticism. As the creator of MBSR Training John Kabat-Zinn puts it: “Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose in the present moment non-judgmentally.”

What is Mindful Eating?

Instead of following a strict diet plan with what, when and how to eat, you learn how to make every eating decision for yourself – with less guilt and more confidence. Mindful eating supports you to bring awareness and curiosity to the causes of your eating habits including thoughts and emotions that are associated with them, whilst letting go of unhelpful judgment and self-criticism.

Mindful Eating teaches you to:

– Tune into your body and eat when you are hungry

– Let go of food rules and instead reignite your intuitive sense of being able to choose foods that nourish and fuel you at any one particular time.

– Be more flexible, less stressed and drop the guilt around your food decisions.

How do I start eating Mindfully?

You can start right now!! It can also be really helpful to seek for professional to set you up on the right path with a strong foundation on mindfulness and mindful eating. But below you can see a few tips of how to slowly start becoming more mindful in your eating routine:

1. Check in and acknowledge your feelings – Before you eat, stop for a minute or two and check – are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Or are you feeling happy and content? Whatever your feelings are, there is no need to judge just bring awareness to it and do the best you can to not let that influence your eating experience.

2. Keep a ‘food and mood’ diary – Notice what triggers you to eat. The presence of food? The desire to soothe stress or fill boredom? These are all important factors in determining what drives you to emotionally eat; Eventually you will also be able to recognize what feelings trigger you to eat specific foods.

3. Tune in to your meal and engage all of your senses – Smell your food, observe its colors and textures, chew well, and take your time. Smell and the looks of food are both very powerful determinants of whether you eat something or not.

Bringing mindfulness to your eating habits can be a portal to deep understanding about yourself and a pathway to self acceptance and freedom!

By Renata Malinauskas 

Dietitian, Personal Trainer. Find out more about Renata here.

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