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Holistic Programs

Wellness Program

The 8-Week Wellness Program is one of my signature programs. We work closely and realistically to achieve your health and lifestyle goals by incorporating personalised nutrition coaching, meal plan with access to recipes and optional personalised fitness training plan that you can do on your own either at home or at the gym.


Holistic Fitness

The 8-Week Holistic Fitness Program offers you a personalised fitness training plan to do on your own plus access to a nutrition plan (omnivore and vegetarian) and over 200 nourishing recipes. We do an online initial assessment in which we discuss your goals, injuries history and the length of  time you have available for training. We will then draw you a pan based on what is the best fit for you in this moment.



The 8-Week Holistic Fitness Program is a great way to optimise your Fitness and Nutrition in one go. This program is a perfect fit if you wish to follow a personalised training plan along with a 8-week meal plan, including omnivore and vegetarian options plus access to over 200 healthy recipes o choose from.



This 8-Week Course  has the aim to guide and support your journey towards a healthy lifestyle that is realistic and sustainable. This is a  foundational program that includes Nutrition, Fitness and Mindfulness – all in one pack! This will help you create balance within your body and mind that will naturally lead you to healthier habits and help you maintain them. Stay tuned for next course dates.