Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Renata Malinauskas

Body-Centred Therapist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer,  TRE Provider, Mindfulness Teacher

My Purpose

Hi there, I am Renata! I am a Body-Centred Therapist and Holistic Health coach, and I am here to support you on your journey towards a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life.

My purpose is to guide your healing process by helping you to release trauma and pain, transform any negative beliefs and to build safety and resilience within you. Together we will work towards empowering you to create and live an authentic and harmonious life.

My Passion

My passion for health, wellbeing and healing have always been an important aspect of my life. Since a young age, as a professional sports woman, I have explored and studied how we can cultivate a healthy lifestyle through a holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional wellness.

In 2013, I started to develop a deep curiosity in how our mind and our consciousness work and began practicing insight meditation techniques. My daily practice opened up my own healing to deep held childhood trauma and connected my inquisitive mind with Body Centred Therapy and Bodywork (TRE).

I truly believe that we all have the potential to find ease and reconnect with our own true nature if are willing to work through the old patterns and parts of ourselves that no longer serves us. This journey, though, is a life long journey, and it requires patience, gentleness and care, along with clear intention.

I invite you to join me on this journey, your journey to creating a more balanced and empowered life today.

Qualifications/ Certification

I am a Psychosomatic Therapist and Hakomi Graduate with a bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics and I am a certified Fitness instructor, Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher and TRE provider. I am passionate about empowering people to create balance, ease and resilience in their lives as well as to reconnect with their inner core of safety, ease and truthfulness that lies beneath all the layers of stress, tension and stories we believe ourselves to be.

  • Insight Dharma Teacher Training and Mentoring Program – Insight Meditation Institute – Sydney, NSW, Australia (2021 – 2025)
  • HAKOMI Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy – Napier, New Zealand (2019-2021)
  • TRE Certification Training – TRE Australia – Sydney, NSW, Australia (2019-2020)
  • Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher Training – Insight Meditation Institute – Sydney, NSW, Australia (2019 – 2020)
  • Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy 2018 – Psychosomatic Therapy College (PTC) – GC, QLD, Australia (2018)
  • Cert III and IV in Fitness – TAFE – SYD, NSW, Australia  (2013-2014)
  • Sports Nutrition and Supplementation Specialisation – Sao Paulo University (USP) – SP, Brazil (2012)
  • Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics – Sao Camilo University Centre – SP, Brazil (2008-2012)
  • Punchfit Trainer (2013)

Extra Courses/ Self Development 

  • Eugene Gendlin – The Philosophy of the Implicit – Sydney, NSW, Australia (2019 – current)
  • Diamond Approach – Ridhwan Foundation – (2018 – current)
  • Tremor Revolution – TRE Australia – Sydney, NSW, Australia (2019)
  • Internal Family System (IFS) – IFS Training Australia – Sydney, NSW, Australia (2019)
  • Vipassana/Insight Meditation Silent Retreats – Over 100 days (2013-current)
  • Focusing Level I and II – Conscious Directions – Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (2018)
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Foundation Training – Conscious Directions – Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (2018)
  • TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) workshops – TRE Australia – SYD, NSW, Australia (2018)
  • Hakomi Workshop –  Sydney, NSW (2018)
  • Nutritional/ Herbal Technical Training – Herbs of Gold – SYD, NSW, Australia (2016)
  • RehabFx Sydney (2013)

Volunteer Experiences