Sydney, NSW, Australia


Renata Malinauskas

Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Mindfulness Coach, Psychosomatic Therapist

Renata’s passion for health started when she was 3 years old after her mom put her in Swimming and Judo classes. Since then, her love for sports, health and wellbeing just grew bigger and bigger. She spent her whole life playing in professional sports teams, participated in community games and sports events. Her passion was such that she decided to study Nutrition as a way to learn more about food and its effect in performance.

A few years back, Renata stumbled into another huge passion of hers – Meditation! After doing her first 10-Day Vipassana Retreat, she felt in love with it as she realised, through her own experience, that the body, mind and soul are completely connected – they are one and the same! This realisation made her expand her horizons in the direction of the Body-Mind-Soul integration.

Renata has created the Holistic Movement with the willingness to support and motivate people to look after their body and mind and feel at home with themselves through integrating all of the different aspects that she believes are groundwork for happiness – fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.

Qualifications/ Certification

  • Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy 2018 – Psychosomatic Therapy College (PTC) – GC, QLD, Australia (2018)
  • Cert III and IV in Fitness – TAFE – SYD, NSW, Australia  (2013-2014)
  • Sports Nutrition and Supplementation Specialisation – Sao Paulo University (USP) – SP, Brazil (2012)
  • Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics – Sao Camilo University Centre – SP, Brazil (2008-2012)
  • Punchfit Trainer (2013)

Extra Courses/ Self Development 

  • Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher Training – Insight Meditation Institute – SYD, NSW, Australia (current)
  • Focusing Level I and II – Conscious Directions – Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (2018)
  • TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) workshops – TRE Australia – SYD, NSW, Australia (2018)
  • Diamond Approach – Ridhwan Foundation – (current)
  • Nutritional/ Herbal Technical Training – Herbs of Gold – SYD, NSW, Australia (2016)
  • RehabFx Sydney (2013)

Volunteer Experiences 

  • Sydney Insight Meditators – Website/Newsletter/Events – (2016-current)