Sydney, NSW, Australia


Our Philosophy

Wellbeing is possible when we learn to create resilience as we flow through the ups and downs of life. Life is inherently stressful and, our sensitive human body, can easily become overwhelmed and loaded with tension, stress and trauma. By accepting this reality and, at the same time, offering our body and mind the safe container and a healthy foundation for its process to unfold organically, we are able to meet life from a place of balance, groundedness, harmony and freedom.

Our Values


I honour your unique process and respect and honour your insight and intuition as we walk together on the healing journey.


I am committed to authentic action and honesty as a pathway to enabling healing and recovery.


I place your safety, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual at the heart of everything I do.


My dream is to help you to be empowered to create a more authentic, harmonious and balanced life.


I practice non-violence to myself, to all people and all beings.

Holistic Movement

Holistic Movement is a fusion of holistic therapies that is here to support you achieve optimal mental and physical wellbeing through gaining balance in different areas of your life. Our aim is to support and guide your journey back to wholeness through working on your strength, eating habits, stress levels and mindset. Our gift to you is to be able to meet you where you are and work closely and realistically to achieve your goals and to create a life with balance, harmony and freedom.


About Renata

“Hi there, I am Renata! I am a Body-Centred Therapist and Holistic Health coach, and I am here to support you on your journey towards a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life.

My role is to create a healing space for you to reconnect with your authentic self, to support you as you grow your resilience and  to use the healing tools that I have been gifted through study, experience and life to guide you on your journey towards a healthier and fulfilling life…”