Narrabeen, NSW 2101, Australia


Our Philosophy

Wellbeing is possible when we learn to create resilience as we flow through the ups and downs of life. Life is inherently stressful and, our sensitive human body, can easily become overwhelmed and loaded with tension, stress and emotional pain. By accepting this reality and, at the same time, offering our body and mind the safe container and the right tools it needs in order to release some of this excessive tension is crucial if we want to achieve a more balanced, harmonious and fulfilling life.

Holistic Movement

Holistic Movement is here to support you achieve optimal health by gaining balance in all different areas of your life. My main goal is to bring you back to wholeness through integrating your body and mind in a holistic way that is suitable for you in this moment. My gift to you is to be able to meet you where you are and work closely and realistically to create the life you’ve been longing for – authentic, balanced, harmonious and free.


About Renata

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